Private Lessons

It’s never too early or too late to learn to dance, to start again, or to brush up, refine, improve.  Linda relates well to kids of all ages, from the very young to the “kid” in grandma and grandpa.  

Whether you want to start at the very beginning — discovering the most basic movement and steps, learn to swing, waltz, mashed potato or merengue — or refine the most sophisticated steps and movement within the music and partnership, she can help you.  

We’ll start from where you are, no matter where that is, and go on from there.  You can schedule a single lesson to solve a problem or a series of any length.  

“I recommend Linda Townsend for private lessons.

She both leads and follows and is a GREAT  teacher.”                      


                                       — Jodi Fleischman

                                  dance teacher, owner

                                  Left Foot Boogie

“My regular teaching partner, Linda, would be happy to help.  She's fabulous - dancer, teacher/communicator, innovator & visionary about the how & what of teaching dance.”

                                                            — Zachariah Cassady 

                                                            dance teacher, teaching partner

                                                            co-owner Waltz Etc.

“I will never forget the dancing partner that taught me so much while you let me lead, and had that almost invisible ability to teach me at the same time.”

                                                                — Richard K., private student

“Thank you! Fred and I are enjoying dancing in the kitchen so much more now that we can dance together instead of into each other!”

                                                                  — Marita H., private student

I’m a generalist, not a specialist, as you can see from the list of dances in the column to the left.  Meaning that I like to do lots of different dances, to lots of different kinds of music.  It’s about the fun.

My primary goal and interest is in helping you become comfortable on the dance floor, whatever your reason for being there, and helping you have fun dancing.

If you’re an absolute beginner, we’ll start with some simple secrets of dancing with or without a partner to put you at ease and help you navigate the dance floor and/or the partnership.  Then we’ll give you some basics and fun variations along with ideas, permission and encouragement to be creative and improvise -- the heart of partnered social dancing.

If you’re taking a class and want help “getting it,” we’ll go through the steps you’re learning, focusing on the movement, rhythms, techniques and styling to help you master what you’re learning so that you can dance smoothly and comfortably alone or with a partner.

If you “used to dance long ago” and want to get back into it, we’ll start from what you remember and flesh it out, reminding your body of the movement and rhythms, and then adding fun new variations and options for creativity with a partner.

Or if you want to dig deeper into what makes dancing -- your dancing -- extraordinary, we’ll focus on the finer points, the nuances of rhythm, balance and movement that can make the difference between dancing nicely, and moving beautifully.

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