Give the Gift of Dance

Give yourself, a friend (or your sweetie) the gift of dance.

Dancing with a partner is hugging to music.  (So is dancing with yourself.)  Hugs can be calming, comforting, nurturing, loving, kind, energizing, healing, welcoming, thoughtful, generous... and so much more.    

Virginia Satir, well known psychotherapist, says we need at least eight hugs a day in order to thrive.  

Dancing with yourself to music you love is self-nurturing, and an excellent way to give yourself your recommended daily allowance of hugs.  

Dancing with a partner to music you like is the best way we know to give (and get) your recommended daily allowance of hugs.

Sometimes it’s more fun in a group.  Get a group of friends together for some dance lessons… then go out dancing together.

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We teach private lessons in many dances at any level and for any reason, with a focus on one dance or several.  

We usually recommend that beginning students start with a dance that fits the music they like to listen to.  

Experienced dancers will probably know what they want to focus on.  

If you’re giving lessons as a gift, the recipient(s) can decide what they want to learn when they schedule their lesson(s).

You can purchase private lessons, private groups, or gift certificates here for one to six lessons.  

Private lessons are available for individuals, couples or groups of any size from three to 300 or more and you can purchase gift certificates here for an individual, a couple or a group of up to six members.  

For more lessons or larger groups, please contact me.  

Lessons are usually one hour long, (although they can be scheduled longer). Lessons for an individual or a couple are $70/hour. For groups of three to six, add $10/person to the hourly rate.  For more lessons or larger groups, please contact me.  



Giving the gift of hugs is very thoughtful and generous, indeed.

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