“Our” Studios

Introducing “Our” Studios

Well, they’re ours for an hour or two or three at a time.   We share space with other dancers and teachers in several locations around Seattle.  They’re all beautiful spaces for dancing and each has a unique history and its own personality.  

eXit SPACE Dance Studio

Located in the heart of the Greenlake neighborhood, just two blocks up the street from the lake and surrounding shops, restaurants and coffee shops, the vibrance of the neighborhood can be felt in this charming studio.

This lovely and lovingly cared for studio is actually three adjacent store front spaces in an historic 1920s era building, a block over from the PCC store, and around the corner from The Little Red Hen (a fun place to dance).

We’ll dance mostly in Studio 1, which is the center studio.


University Heights Community Center

This former neighborhood school is a Washsington State Historic Landmark and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  It was built in 1902 and served as an elementary school until 1989. In 1990 it reopened as the University Heights Community Center.  The wide, wood-floored stairs and hallways, huge windows, large classroom/studios and bustling activity make it a very warm and welcoming place to dance.

We usually dance in rooms 108 or 109 on the main floor at the north end of the building.

Open Flight Studio

This charming studio in the University District has a long and illustrious dance history.  Part of the historic Nichols Block building, this space has been a dance studio since 1938 when ballroom (social) dance classes began being offered here.  Since then — in addition to ballroom — classes in tap, fencing, modern dance — classes for children and adults — master classes by such dance lumunaries as Merce Cunningham, Charles Weidman, Eleanor King, Jean Erdman, Bill Evans and Paul Taylor have been held here. And more recently the studio has been home to classes in African dance, yoga, rehearsal space for young dancers and choreographers from the UW, and  private lessons that we teach here.

Over the years there have been structural changes to the building and the original entry no longer exists.  The entry now is an unobtrusive clear glass doorway on the Ave which opens into a narrow hall and curved stairway up to the second floor studio.

The entrance is fairly well hidden.

This is what the entrance looks like, now.  The studio is the small door on the right in this picture.  It’s right next to the University Food & Beverages Market.

“Open Flight Studio” written on the awning over the store entrances along the street.

Close-up of the studio door.

Here’s the view from the studio doorway — Bulldog News directly across the street.

The Lake City Community Center

Built in 1944 as a Lions Club facility, this building is bigger than it looks from the outside, and has lots of generous dance space which can be divided into two large “ballrooms” or opened up to make one, even larger room. It has a wonderfully danceable wood floor, a cozy looking fireplace, and is always beautifully decorated for the holiday season.

The Waltz Etc. classes and dances are held here.

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