Dance at Your Wedding

Alex & Christina, Nov 2013


And best wishes as you get ready to begin your new life together.  Your wedding day is one of those rare transformative days in your life — a day when everything changes.  Nothing will be quite the same, ever again... and you will remember this day for the rest of your life.  

The secret to creating magic on your day is detailed planning.  A day with this much potential for magic deserves to be very well planned.  And it usually is, even down to the smallest detail.

Except for one thing.  In all the planners and schedules and calendars available to help organize weddings, almost all of them mention the music, the band, the DJ -- and almost none of them mention learning or knowing how, to dance.

Dancing together, in the arms of the one you love, in a room full of people -- all of whom have their eyes on you -- can be quite different from frolicking to a great song on the radio in your kitchen or in front of your bathroom mirror, or even rocking out at your favorite club.  In order to be comfortable in this unfamiliar situation, you might want to pay attention to this detail of your day and take a few dance lessons.

Your first dance with your new spouse doesn’t need to be scary, or stiff, or even stuffy.  In fact, it definitely should not be any of those things!  With early consideration of some seemingly unrelated details and a few lessons in the secret communication of dancing with a partner, you can have a magical moment on the dance floor that is joyful and relaxed, sweet, dramatic or playful, and most of all -- fun.

But unless you’re both already accomplished partner dancers, you’ll probably need to learn that secret communication and the best place to do it is either in a dance class or with some private lessons.

There are advantages (and disadvantages) to both:  

If you have the time and your schedule permits, dance classes can be lots of fun, and less expensive per hour of instruction than private lessons.  Plan early, though, as much as 6 months before your wedding, and definitely no less than 4 months before.  Classes may be full, or you may need to wait until the next session starts.  If you want to take a class and you live in or near Seattle, I highly recommend  my friend, Angela, at Our First Dance.  She specializes in teaching classes for engaged couples.  She’s a wonderful person, a beautiful dancer, an excellent teacher and her classes are specifically designed for the bride and groom, and the family and wedding party.

If classes won’t work for you -- your work schedule is too crazy, there’s not time before the wedding, you want extra personal attention, then private lessons may be a better choice for you.  They cost more per hour, but you have the full, undivided attention of the instructor for the full hour and you may be able to get all you need with only a few lessons.  Still, plan early.  Start your lessons 2 or 3 months before your wedding.

If you really want to feel comfortable and look smooth on the dance floor at your wedding, you’re going to want to get your lessons early enough to have time to go dancing and practice a bit before things get too hectic.  Dance floor magic is not an overnight thing.  Like learning to swim or ski or ride a bike, it takes awhile to get your new skill into your body.  Ideally, you might take a class series six months, or so, before the wedding date, go dancing three or four times with friends or members of your wedding party, then four to six weeks out, schedule a few private lessons to practice and polish things up with your first dance song.  This way you can really relax and feel comfortable dancing your first song in front of family and friends on your day.

If you start a bit on the early side, you can get comfortable on the dance floor before your lives get crazy, crowded, hectic and stressed with wedding planning, preparations and social and family obligations.

Who knows?  You may even discover the indescribable glory of holding someone in your arms, looking into their eyes and moving together to music.  Dancing together may be something new that you take from your wedding day into the rest of your lives together.  It’s happened before….

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