Danceable Hemlines

Here are some examples of danceable hemlines*.  These dresses have enough room in the skirt for dancing, and they’re all at least two or three inches off the floor.  Enough for you to walk and dance without stepping on your dress.  If your dress has a train, you can bustle it for dancing, or remove it, if it’s removable. Almost any style of skirt or hem can be adjusted for length, though some fabrics are harder than others to shorten.  Even a skirt like the “2012-cotton-wedding-dress-winter,” third one down in the first colomn, which has a longer tulle overskirt, can be shortened enough that the tulle doesn’t drag on the floor and pose a tripping/ripping risk.  Lace fabrics, like the “lace-wedding-gown” in the bottom row can be challenging to shorten, but seamstresses are creative problem solvers.  It can be done.

*Photos for educational purposes, only.  I do not own them or the rights to them.

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