Dance Floor Survival


Choose all that apply:

A really cute guy/girl has invited me to go dancing

I met a woman/man and s/he loves to dance

I wanna meet women/men and I’ve heard that the dance floor is a good place for that.

Friends ask me to go dancing with them and I don’t know how.  I want to learn.

I’m going to a wedding

I’m getting married!

I’m going to my class reunion, an arts fundraiser/conference/corporate event and there will be dancing

I’ve always wanted to learn to dance and I’ve been too busy/afraid/embarrassed to take a class

Finally!  I’m free! And I wanna start dancing — now!

I heard that dancing is a great way to lose weight and get in shape, and (fill in the blank) is coming!

Make up your own excuse to start -- any excuse will do —  😊

I need to learn to dance, quick!

OK!  You can do this!  Pick the music you like, or the way you like to move, schedule a private lesson and we’ll get started right away.  In this lesson you’ll learn enough to survive and have fun for an evening on the dance floor. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  How to look (and feel) like you know what you’re doing at a dance

  How to ask someone, or be asked, to dance

  How to get onto the dance floor with a partner without looking like a klutz

  How to figure out what kind of dance to do to the music that’s playing

  How to start dancing with your partner -- gracefully, even

  How to do a few basic move variations that are fun and easy

  How to end the dance

  How to get off the dance floor without feeling like a fool

  How to dance to a few different kinds of music

  How to find some places to go dancing

♪  We’ll even give you some ideas about where to go to learn more

  (The small talk is up to you)

Here are some different kinds of dances to choose from to start, and the music they go with:

♫  Club Dancing -- simple weight changes and basic movement to an uncomplicated, often driving beat -- done alone or with a partner.  Music is pop and rock.


♫  Blues -- a basic “walking” rhythm, done either in place or traveling, and simple movement in communication with a partner.  This is a highly versatile dance and can be done to many kinds of music.  Music is usually traditional blues, R&B, jazz, and others.  

♫  Swing -- a basic two step rhythm, meaning that you use a combination of quick steps and slow steps to do this dance, with a partner.  Speed varies in this dance, it can be done slowly and smoothly, or quite fast and with more energy and bounce.  Music is 30‘s and 40‘s big band, 50’s and 60’s rock & roll, neoswing from the 80’s and 90’s, R&B, and more.

♫  Waltz -- a simple walking rhythm done with a partner to slower or faster music that feels round and is heard and felt in three’s (1-2-3--1-2-3).  Music ranges from classical to popular to folk to world music and more.  The key is the sense of three’s.

♫  Latin Club Dances --  several fun dances done with a partner including merengue, cumbia, bachata, with simple basic steps that can be learned quickly.  Latin music with rhythms specific to each dance. 

♫  Salsa -- a high energy, often very fast, latin dance that uses a combination of quick steps, slow steps, and hip and torso action to give it a characteristic style.  It is danced with a partner.  Music is latin in sound and feel, usually composed and performed by Latinos from New York or Los Angeles, or natives of Central or South America, or the Caribbean.  Salsa music has a specific rhythm and sound quality.

♫  Foxtrot -- a traveling two step dance done with a partner in a combination of quick steps and slow steps.  This dance can often be done to the same music you might swing dance to, but without requiring the high energy of swing.  Music ranges from 30’s and 40’s big band to the “crooners”, to R&B, to current alternative, folk and world music, and more.

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