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Private lessons     Monday Class & Dance     

By Appointment:

Private Dance Lessons for Adults and Kids
All levels, absolute beginning and up

Learn Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Blues, Salsa, Club Dances and more.
Email us for details 


Progressive, Drop-in, Beginner-Friendly Classes — Join any time

Pre-dance class — We rotate through a series of dance styles starting at the beginning with each new dance — different styles of Waltz, Swing, Blues, Foxtrot, Salsa/Latin dances and a few others.

Summer Shorts  Designed for Seattle summer suntime and travel — June, July, August

Come explore the rhythms of new dances and discover how different dances are related, helping you dance both if you know one of them.

Plus three “2-Fer Nights”* — Three chances to discover our beautiful space, great sound, and sweet dance at “2-for-the-price-of-1.”  Call a dance buddy, a pal, or a friend of any stripe, plan to meet at our dance and you each get in for 1/2 price.

Come to all or some of the classes as your summer permits. Each class stands on it’s own, take either or both of the paired classes.


   June 3* Cha-Cha  (2-Fer Night — come with another person, you each get in for 1/2 price)

   June 10 Salsa

These 2 dances have similar musical rhythms and slotted basics, variations of the same footwork, the same moves work for either, one is faster than the other and neither travels.


   June 17 Waltz 

   June 24 Foxtrot 

These 2 dances are both “walking” dances, they both travel, you can do the same moves to both of them, one walks to  beats in 3s, one walks to beats in 4s.

If you’d like to be notified of what we’re teaching each week and get more information about our classes and dances, we send out a weekly email with that information.

Request to be added to the email here.

 Beginners welcome, no experience, no partner needed, singles & couples welcome. 

General Class Details:

Who: All are welcome

When: Nearly every Monday 6:30-9:30PM (except some holidays, if Monday is a holiday, please check with us)

Where: The Latvian Center
            11710 - 3rd Ave NE Seattle 98125

How Much: $10 for the whole evening, class and/or dance

Classes are drop-in, no pre-registration, just show up

Followed by a weekly dance

In Class we start each dance style at the very beginning, and instruction progresses over 4-5 weeks, through basics, easy variations, and beginning skills and techniques of a given dance. 

Our approach to dance is easy-going, friendly, and light-hearted.  This is supposed to be fun! — And we play together to make it that way.

We also recognize different individual experience and learning curves, so we often offer options at various levels during class.  Choose the option that suits you in the moment.

You’re welcome to begin at any time. You don’t have to wait for the beginning of a new session, and you pay only for the classes you actually take.

We happily accommodate new students and returning students after an absence — if you start after the beginning of a class session — come a few minutes early and we’ll help you catch up.

Come learn a new dance, a new role, or more about a dance you know. 
Then stay for our weekly dance.  We’ll be happy to see you!


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