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No Partner Necessary — Singles and Couples Welcome

If you’re just starting out we recommend taking either some "Dance Fitness” classes or a "Secrets of Partner Dancing" workshop if it’s offered, or any beginning level class (one with no prerequisites).  Take classes within a level in any order.

Classes with prerequisites require competence with the material presented in the previous level classes.

Repeating classes is highly recommended.  There is no race to the finish in dancing and you’ll be amazed at what you learn the second and third time through a class!  (The best dancers go back to the basics again and again, and they learn something new each time.)

Blues  Blues, sometimes called one step or one step blues, is a hot new (and old) dance craze right now.  It’s easy, versatile and so much fun.

(This dance is as many different things as there are people dancing it.  But mostly it’s soul — feeling the music and connecting with your partner.  It’s only as close as you want to dance it.  It’s only sexy if you want to make sexy.  We’ll help you find the soul.  The rest is up to you.)

Beginning Level:

Beginning Blues Dancing — We’ll start at the very beginning — with you and the music — helping you find the Blues in your body and in your characteristic movement style.  Then we’ll help you connect with a partner and discover how what you already know is real dancing.  From there we’ll begin to give you more toys to play with — easy turns, fun movement and styling variations, playing with rhythms, you know — the fancier stuff — and we’ll show you how to create your own easy variations and improvisations from moves you know.   This class will offer new material in every session.   No Prerequisite  

Movin’ the Blues — Another great place to start, in this class we’ll take the hottest craze in the history of dance “on the road,” and move it around the floor.  Easy footwork and amazing versatility make Blues way creative and fun.  With Blues you can do anything — from bouncy and upbeat to steamy and sexy, and everything in between — and we’ll explore it all (within your comfort level, of course).  No Prerequisite

Walking Blues — This is traveling blues at its best. Done to straight 4/4 music with a compelling beat, the rhythm drives you down the floor with your partner. Walking, crazy walking, walking with attitude, playful walking. In this class we’ll play with as many ways as we can think of, to “just” walk down the floor. If you can walk you can do this dance. No Prerequisite

Intermediate Level: 

Dancing Between the Tables (Blues for Small Spaces) — Less is more when you don’t have much room to dance.  Together we’ll play around with different music and teach you some great small-space moves, show you how to adapt moves you already know and how to create new moves and variations for tiny dance floors (like your kitchen... or the neighborhood pub...)  This class will cover new material each time you take it.  Prerequisite: Any Beginning Level Blues, twice

Rip-Off Blues — Is it a crime to steal from yourself?  Some of the most fun in Blues is stealing moves from other dances you know and adapting them to Blues rhythms.  That’s what this class is all about.  The class will cover new material each time you take it.  Prerequisite:  Any Beginning Level Blues, twice + another dance form, to be designated

Hearing the Music Dancing the Blues  — Dancing the blues is unique among social dances because there is nowhere in the rhythm that a dancer has to be at any given time. This means that lead and follow are more fluid and flexible, relieving the lead of some responsibility and allowing the follow some agency, to create a dialogue with the music.  And this is when it really gets interesting.  Prerequisite: Any Beginning Level Blues, twice

Club Dances  Club dancing has a long and varied history, and the music and movement styles are equally varied.  As a concept, club dancing generally began in the early 1960s when the Twist killed partnered dancing and people began to dance ’solo’ in untethered couples and in groups on the dance floor. Today the concept of club dancing extends from the Twist, through disco, the second wave of animal dances, various incarnations of freak dancing, and might even be extended to raves and mosh pits.  Latin club dancing is also popular.  Check those out in the Latin Dance section below.

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Beginning Level:

Private Lessons and Workshops —

Club dances are offered in private lessons and occasional workshops.  Generally they’re uncomplicated and fairly easy to pick up.  However, they do require a connection to the rhythm and a repertoire of body movements and isolations.  

We help you find the rhythms in your body, and help you discover muscles you didn’t know you had, so you can move body parts in isolations, learn new coordination and develop your own style. 

East Coast Swing  Daughter of the original swing, Lindy Hop, this dance rocks.

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Beginning Level:

Beginning Swing — Single Time —  This fun and energetic partner dance of the 50’s and early 60’s is playful and versatile.  You’ll gain a strong foundation in faster dance basics, and partnering skills with this simple footwork as you learn plenty of great moves and styling for the dance floor.   No Prerequisite

Beginning Swing — Triple Time —  Continue the fun and high energy or start here with more complex footwork, styling and rhythm variations.  This dance, done to slightly slower music, can stand on its own or it can become an intro into Lindy Hop.  No Prerequisite

Intermediate Level:

50‘s Double Time — Teens used to be able to tell which high school you went to when you danced this totally fun and exciting variation of swing.  Besides just dancing it, you’ll find you use this footwork all the time to add style to your other swing dancing.  Pre-requisite: Any Beginning Level Swing, twice

Bandstand — Triple time swing ala the wildly popular American Bandstand TV show of the late 50’s and early 60’s.  This stylized triple time is “trance-formational” and could become part of your unique dance style.  Prerequisite:  Any Beginning Level Swing, twice

Advanced Level:

Jazz Moves & Styling — Take your dancing to a new level of "cool" as you learn to play with the music and incorporate easy jazz moves and variations into your dancing.  This fun class will open new vistas of creativity in your dancing!  Prerequisite:  Any other Swing 2 class

Foxtrot — A travelling dance and one of many two-step dances, this is a hold over from the animal dances of the early 20th century. This dance is a first cousin of swing.

Beginning Level:

Intro to Foxtrot — We’ll introduce you to the rhythm and movement style of foxtrot, help you connect to the music, and give you a variety of fun, easy moves.

Intermediate Level:

Foxtrot for Waltzers — In this class we’ll revisit the waltz moves you already know and transfer them to foxtrot rhythm. 

Latin — It’s the music.  It’s the rhythm.  It’s infectious.  It'll make you move!

Beginning Level:

Elements of Latin —  We’ll introduce you to the music, rhythms, easy moves, partnering and styling of the three most popular Latin club dances, Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia.  No Pre-requisite

Salsa  — Passionate, energetic and delightfully flirtatious, high spirited music and complex Latin rhythms make this is one of the most popular dances in the world.  We’ll learn fun new moves and add some flash.  No Prerequisite

Merengue & Cumbia — These two popular club dances, Merengue from the Dominican Republic and Cumbia from Colombia, both with great sound and catchy rhythms, are easy to learn and way fun to dance.  No Prerequisite

Waltz   Waltz is so-o-o much more than the box step.  We teach beginning levels of several waltzing styles in these classes, providing strong fundamentals and lots of practice; and then we invite and encourage you to move to our classes at Waltz Etc. for Intermediate and more Advanced Levels of waltz.

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Beginning Level:

Intro to Waltz  Discover the romance of waltzing gracefully around the dance floor with a partner as we introduce you to waltz rhythm and movement, teach you some fun, easy moves, and sample several styles of waltz while learning the fundamentals of this exhilarating dance.  No Prerequisite

Box Step Waltz — Don’t turn your nose up at this dance. It’s the waltz that most people — dancers and non- — know at least a little of.  It’s the waltz you’re most likely to do at a wedding with your elderly aunt or uncle — who will love you forever when you dance it with them.  There’s also a lot more to this dance than most people learn in the “one, free, ballroom class” they may have taken decades ago.

Slow Waltz Take your waltzing out of the box and move it down the floor in easy, graceful slides, turns, zigs and zags while you gain confidence in waltz basics.  No Prerequisite

Cross Step This is one of the most creative dances on the floor.  Strike out in a new direction as you learn this free and easy way to swoop and turn to slower waltz music.  No Prerequisite

Viennese Waltz Lovely at any speed, loved for its zen-like qualities and a favorite of waltzers everywhere, this floating, turning waltz moves effortlessly around the dance floor, no “heavy” partners, no sore arms and shoulders — once you find the “groove.” Come play with this one and find your own groove.  No Prerequisite


Workshops  — Special classes of varying lengths to cover specific topics — to get you started — to add “juice” to your dancing — to explore — for fun.

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Secrets of Partner Dancing    This class is recommended for all beginning dancers.  Learn the secrets of communicating with a partner, moving like a dancer, finding the rhythm and figuring out what to do, and more.  No matter whether you want to learn swing, waltz, blues, salsa, or any other dance.  This is the best place to start.  No pre-requisite.

Mastering Dancing for Men — This class is for men only, giving you an opportunity to focus on the aspects of social dancing that are not partner related, but make you a better dancer and partner.  Prerequisite may vary

Owning the Dance Floor for Women — This class is for women only, paying attention to  autonomous dance movement for women, the art of dancing the follow role, the art and science of dancing the lead role, giving you a sense of your rightful place on the dance floor individually and in a dance partnership.  Prerequisite may vary

Dance Partnering for Men and Women — This class will focus on the give and take of real communication on the dance floor, giving partners a chance to pay attention to both the science and art of social dancing.  Prerequisite may vary

Social Dance Technique & Styling Classes —  Want to get deeper into dancing?  In these special classes you’ll learn to: dance with your whole body —  spin and turn without wobbling or getting dizzy — play with rhythms, speed and timing — keep your balance — feel light on your feet and still grounded — dance to the music — really communicate with your partner — improvise and create new moves — and much more.  Prerequisite may vary

Dance to the Music — Want to learn to hear and understand the music and really dance to it? These classes will help you connect to the rhythm and the music.  Prerequisite may vary

Pilates & Dance Fitness “Cross training for social dancers” Have fun while you get in shape with Pilates training and dance movement.  Improve core strength and muscle tone — Gain flexibility and mobility —  Improve balance, rhythm and timing — Gain stamina — Explore dance movement styles — Practice and improve specific dance skills — All in one place.  

All Levels:            NEW CLASSES

Pilates Mat — Gain core strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, stability, mobility, improved posture, and more in this exercise technique developed from principles of exercise science and biomechanics, and designed to be appropriate for many different body types and abilities.  This one hour class will take you through a carefully designed series of exercises, including personalized modifications, to help you gain strength and balance in your body and fluidity in your movement.
Offered in private sessions and group classes.  All levels, No Prerequisite

Move! Dance Fitness for Social Dancers (men and women) — Have fun while you get in shape and improve your dancing in this weekly one hour class. We’ll spend about half our time on the mat, puffing (just a little) to great, real dance music in a (mostly) horizontal position — for strength, flexibility, stamina and (believe it or not) balance.  The other half of our time we’ll groove to more great, real dance music as we move about the room, practicing specific rhythms, footwork and all kinds of dance movement styles.  No pressure and all fun — we’ll explore and experiment, to find movement that feels good and looks great in our own bodies — and we’ll work together to help each other discover more of our natural dancer, to share with our partners on the social dance floor.  All levels, No Prerequisite

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