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Dance Classes and a Dance

Summer is here! — and we’ve got new classes and a dance on Mondays

Starting Monday, July 2, 2018, we’ll begin our Summer Shorts series, of dances we teach less often.

These are beginning classes and as always, we’ll start at the absolute beginning. No experience, no partner necessary. We take our time, offering lots of time for clarifying questions, working it out together, and dance practice.

Come join us for the fun!

Mondays 7:30-10:00PM

Class 7:30-8:00, with mini-lessons in the corner throughout the dance

Dance 8:00-10:00  

Northgate Community Center (NGCC)

10510 5th Ave NE, Seattle WA 98125 Map

No pre-registration — Just show up

Pay at the door 

Class $8, Dance $10, Both $10

Cash, Check 

Save on classes with a class card  

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Class Cards


$7/class with a five class card 

Five Class Card -- $7/class

$6/class with a ten class card

Ten Class Card -- $6/class

Dance lessons Chicago 3

1/2 Hour Private Lessons

Contact us to schedule, then confirm here



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