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Teaching Philosophy  Every dance instructor has a philosophy, an approach to the way they teach.  This is important to you because you have a way of learning that works best for you.  You’ll learn better and more easily if your learning style and your instructor’s philosophy and teaching style are in agreement.   We want you to know our approach to teaching dance.  You’ll find it here.

Classes, workshops and private lessons, are conveniently located in Seattle in Greenwood,  Lake City, the University District and other locations as noted in the class schedule.  Check out location maps here.

Private lessons are available for individuals, couples, groups, businesses and organizations.  They can be scheduled as single lessons or in series of any length and can be arranged to fit your schedule. Discounts are available for a series of lessons and for private groups.  Learn more here.

Scheduled class series run in 4 to 6 week sessions and each class in the session builds upon the previous week.  Classes are usually an hour in length with plenty of time for review, asking questions and dancing to music.  Class atmosphere is lighthearted, playful and encouraging with lots of music and practice time both during and between classes.  You’ll be dancing by the end of the first class and before the series is over you’ll feel confident enough to go out dancing with friends.  Find out about scheduled classes here.

Workshops are offered for three purposes:

Some are designed specifically to introduce new students to the fun and joys of dancing.

Others are for experienced dancers, to enhance their skills and learn new dance styles. 

Yet others are created as follow-up reviews of weekend intensives.

Workshops vary in length, but are usually 2-3 hours on a weekend day with breaks about every hour.  The atmosphere is lighthearted, playful and encouraging, and the process is collaborative with plenty of opportunity for creativity, questions, input and problem solving -- with lots of great music for practice and dancing.  Our workshops are under construction.  We’ll post them soon.

Open classes are ongoing, and can be joined at any time.  In these classes we play around with the elements of dance movement that may not get much attention in a typical social dance class.  They are applicable to any social dance form -- from swing to salsa, waltz to blues, and many more.   This is a good place for beginning dancers to learn the basics of dance movement without the complexity of dancing with a partner, for experienced dancers to improve their balance, form, flexibility, strength or style, for partners to figure out the secrets of communicating on the dance floor, and for anyone to troubleshoot a step or movement that eludes them.  These classes are collaborative in nature and are built on the needs of the students in attendance each week.  Movement oriented, light hearted, good fun, great music, good exercise, and the rich reward of becoming a better dancer. 

In all classes, workshops and private lessons you’ll learn footwork, movement, moves (also called steps or choreography), musicality, partnering skills, ways to play, the why's and wherefores, navigating a dance, and much more.  You’ll learn through demonstrations, breaking down movement and slowing down steps, taking time to hear and feel the music, playing around, practice, positive feedback, throwing in your own ideas and individual attention.  And you’re encouraged to learn by making mistakes.  This is where new moves are invented!  

Go to the class Schedule & Registration page for currently scheduled classes and workshops or contact us to arrange private lessons.     


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