.  .  .Wasted My Youth.  .  .       Dave’s Story

Dave’s a jock*.  He spent his early years with standard fare for the midwest; baseball, basketball, football, but had more fun with speed skating, gymnastics, sailing, big boats and small, wind surfing, backpacking, and trail crew.  He coached his kids’ soccer teams, he bikes, runs, lifts weights (to keep up with those Lindy tricks).  He’s been a gym rat most of his life.  But no dancing.

Until... long after spending years taking his daughter to dance class, Dave began dancing as a retirement hobby.  He hung out in the back of Jazz and Ballet classes -- the only guy in class -- and very soon realized that he’d wasted his youth on sports! (But guys, you’ll have to ask him to explain that when you see him. . .) 

Many years later, he freely admits that dancing has taken over his life!  At various times, as many as six classes a week at Spectrum Dance Theater, PNB, Velocity, Westlake Dance Center and his current challenge, keeping up with the 20-somethings in the UW’s modern and jazz dance classes.

When he’s not doing it he’s watching it, with season subscriptions to Pacific Northwest Ballet and UW’s Meany World Dance Series, as well as performances at UW Chamber Dance, the UW Dance Program performances, On the Boards, Velocity, Cornish, and Moore and Paramount theaters.

Concert dance -- ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary -- is his first dance love.  But he’s dabbled in social dancing for years, as well.  West Coast Swing, Tango, Night Club Two Step, Lindy Hop.... His social dance trial-by-fire was a Richard Powers weekend that Linda took him to when they first met --The Zen of Waltz.  Now he follows (and leads) her around the teaching dance floor.

*(And a total romantic.)

“Dancing’s just a conversation between two people.  Talk to me.”

                                                                       — Harry Connick Jr. 
                                                      as Justin Matisse in "Hope Floats”, 1998

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