Coronavirus Cancellations

We suspended our classes and dances as of March 9, due to the community spread of coronavirus. Since then, as  infection spreads exponentially in our area, the King County Health Dept. has begun to enforce social distancing by prohibiting gatherings in groups of any size, “unless measures are taken by event organizers to minimize risk.”  Partnered social dancing, by its very nature, is not about social distancing….Quite the opposite.

As we watch the trajectory of this virus in countries ahead of us on the timeline, and gather more information about what we might expect here, in our country and in our local area, it appears that we may be looking at several months without the ability to gather in groups to dance.  

We’re especially cognizant of the irony that, while the partnered social dancing we teach in our classes and promulgate in the dances we host, is the most efficient, effective — and most fun — way we know to stay healthy, in this moment it presents a health risk to you, our students and dancers. 

And, as tiny as we and many other little dance organizations are, and a close as we live to the bone, we’re concerned about our ability to weather this shutdown and come out on the other side able to continue providing you with the dances and classes you tell us you want, need, benefit from and enjoy.

We’re working on ways to keep the dancing going — or at least some dance-like activity —  in your own home and maybe outdoors in small groups as the weather gets better, where we can participate in some music-and-movement activity that would at least help keep us healthy and keep us connected, while allowing the physical distance that reducing the spread of this virus requires. If you’d like to know when we get that going, send us your email address and we’ll let you know when we get things going.

In the meantime, if you’re able, please consider contributing what you might have spent dancing with us, in a class or at a dance, to help us stay alive as a dance organization until this passes and we can dance together again.

Many thanks, please stay healthy and we’ll see you on the other side!

"There is something indescribable about holding someone 

in your arms, looking into their eyes

…and moving together to music."

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Been Watching “Dancing With the Stars”?

 Does it look like fun?

Are you looking for year ‘round fun?  -- Something you can do any time, any place?  
Do you
love music and just can’t sit still when you hear it? 
Do you see your friends dancing and want to
join in?                                                                

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Do you want an easy way to meet people?  Wanna dance with your sweetie?
Do you have a
wedding or other gala event coming up?


Would you like a different approach to education for your classroom? 
Are you a PTA/PTO member, looking for a great inter-generational activity for the kids,
parents and staff at your school?


Are you looking for an easy affordable way to help build community among your staff and help your employees be healthier and happier? 
Do you want to feel comfortable at charitable or
corporate functions?


Do you just want to get away without getting away? 
Are you an “empty nester” or recently retired and realizing that now is
your time to play and have fun? 
Do you want a way to stay healthy and vibrant?

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All of these are good reasons to dance!

 . . . And if you don’t know how . . .

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 You need to learn!


I can help you!

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I’ve been dancing all my life, helping your friends and neighbors, their parents and kids, have fun learning to dance, for over seventeen years.  And I can help you, too.  

I’m a certificated classroom teacher with over 30 years teaching experience at all age levels (pre-K through, teens, adults and senior citizens), and I'm a Certified Teaching Artist.  I know dance.  I know adults and kids and how they learn.  I know how to teach you so you can learn easily and have fun doing it.  And I specialize in helping curious students of all ages get started -- no matter how much or how little talent you think you have.

I’ve studied and continue to study, with local, national and world-class dance instructors.  I’ve danced on the social dance floor all over the country, and in stage productions and performances around the Pacific Northwest.  I have fun teaching people to dance and you’ll have fun learning.  

If you can’t wait to get started, turn to our class schedule & registration page to find a class that’s starting soon, or schedule a private lesson.   If you want more information, there’s plenty of that on this website.  Just wander around till your heart’s content.

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And if you’re nervous about dancing — rest assured:

You can straighten out your feet and learn your right from your left. 

You can learn to listen to the music, hear the rhythm, and move in time with it.

You can find the rhythm in your body and teach your muscles to move.

You can learn to communicate with a partner on the dance floor.

You can learn the secrets of Leading and Following that make dancing easy. 

You can learn to be smooth and light on your feet. 

And you can have fun! doing it!




You’ll look forward to going out club dancing with friends.  You’ll feel confident at parties when someone asks you to dance.  You’ll be able to ask the boss to dance at the next corporate function.  You’ll meet people easily at social dances.  You’ll sweep around the living room in a romantic dance with your sweetie.   You’ll dance at your wedding, sweetly, beautifully, calmly, smoothly — even with everyone watching.  You’ll be healthier and in better shape.  You’ll delight in the indescribable wonder of holding someone in your arms, looking into their eyes, and moving together to music. 

And then, you’ll be able to take this skill with you where ever you go, for the rest of your life....  I promise.

My Promise to You

I’m so sure that you can do this, that I’ll make you this promise.  If you aren’t satisfied with the instruction you receive, I’ll either work with you until you’re satisfied, or I’ll give you your money back.  No time limit, no hassles.

                                                                                                   Linda Townsend West

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Learn in the Setting that’s Comfortable for You

We offer scheduled classes and workshops in several locations.  Go to the Schedule & Registration page to find the right class for you. If you have questions, there’s lots of information on this site to help you decide where to start.  If you still have questions please feel free to contact us.   

Individuals, couples and groups can schedule private lessons.  Over the years I’ve given private lessons to homeschooled kids, 'Broadway Bound’ teens, engaged couples for their first dance, livingrooms full of neighbors and friends, individuals of all ages who “always wanted to learn to dance,” experienced dancers who just had to work out “this one little problem” and more.  The Private Lessons page offers more information.  Then contact us to schedule your lessons.  I’m always happy to help you with your special situation.

Businesses, schools and organizations of all types and sizes can arrange private group lessons as part of a single event like a party or celebration, as part of a program to create staff cohesion, as an employee benefit, as part of a health and fitness program, or for any other reason.  The Businesses, Schools & Organizations page will help you get started.  You can also contact us for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Dance and Education are a natural fit. As a certificated classroom teacher, veteran homeschool parent and teacher and certified teaching artist I offer a variety of dance education curricula for grades 5-12, ages 10-19.  Check the Dance in Education page for more information about how the arts, and specifically social dancing, fit into any area of the curriculum.  Then contact us to include dance in your lesson plans.

Whatever your reason for your interest in dance and for searching these pages, we think you should know how we see dance, how we feel about it and how we approach teaching it.  You’ll find our teaching philosophy here.  

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